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Competitors can fish anywhere from Inskip Point (not Fraser Island) to Tweed River and across to Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island. The Bruce highway will act as most of the inshore boundary and the offshore competitors can compete up to 70km out to sea. Inshore fishing includes land-based fishing off the beach and everywhere inland on the boundary map. Offshore includes fishing craft within the boundary. Lake Macdonald, Borumba Dam, Ewen Maddock, Somerset, Wivenhoe, Maroon, Somerset, Hinze and Moogerah Dam are included for the freshwater competitors.

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All recreational fishing methods, excluding nets are allowed

  • Rods and reels (all line classes)

  • Bait and artificial lures (including live bait and trolling)

  • Spearfishing

  • No bait jigs (only can be used to catch bait. Fish are not be submitted)

WFC encourages tag and release practices for fishing sustainability for further information on fish tagging please see Suntag Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Suntag.Queensland or their website https://suntag.org.au/

  • Land Based

  • Non powered vessels (kayaks, paddleboards etc)

  • Powered vessels (if you don’t have your boat licence you are able to have your husband, partner etc take you, but please under “NO CIRCUMSTANCES”! enter any of their fish.

  • Jet skis (as above if you don’t have PWC licence)

Yes. Bli Bli Barra Park is out of bounds.

Any dispute or breach of the competition rules will be determined and adjudicated by Track My Fish representatives whose decision will be final. A proven breach may result in loss of competition points or disqualification. Any dispute must be emailed (phone or messenger disputes will not be accepted) to Track my Fish within 48 hours of the close of competition.


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