Download it on your phone via the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)




Download the WFC phone app via the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)


As per the latest compliance policies set by the app stores, the anglers have the ability to delete their account & also the ability to delete all stored data (local & server) for the account.

Please be aware that if an angler does this and they have totally have the choice to do this, that any fish data submitted through any of our apps (current or previous history) will be totally deleted from our system & non-recoverable.

It means that if they complete this deletion in the middle of an event & or after an event it will affect all scoreboards & checks.

This compliance policy is from the apple & google play stores & all apps on your phone will have this ability to complete the functions for each, not just the Track My Fish Fishing Apps.

We are letting you all know just encase an angler does so that everyone is aware that we won’t be able to get any of the fish catches back.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tracey at


If you have not used any fishing apps before produced by Infofish/Track My Fish, please register a new account & log in. If you have used one of these apps before, please log in. If you get any pop ups advising invalid username or password or screen name not available, this may mean you have an existing account and do not need to create another. Please contact TMF – Tracy via email –


To log a catch, select RECORD CATCH from the home screen, choose your event, PRESS ENTER & then START RECORDING.


Turn on the SAVE TO PHOTOSTREAM button on the top of the screen (green on). This enables photos to that you submit to save on your phone.


Poor phone signal can make logging a catch on the app difficult. Therefore, the app features “OFFLINE” mode. To process a catch in offline mode is the same as online. You must remember to switch back to ONLINE mode when you get solid phone signal to log your catches that are waiting in your log.

Take a clear photo using your phone camera of the fish on the measure board. Take a second photo of you holding your catch. This is referred to as a GLORY PHOTO. Once both pics are taken, head back to your app and click on the picture icon in the record catch screen. Select your photo on the measure board and then press the blue tick. This does not submit your photo, just that you would like to use this for your entry. Do the same for your GLORY PHOTO.


→ Fisher, if you would like to submit a fish for another angler you click here and type their first and last name. In verification process it will be switched to them

→ Enter Tag number if tagging or tick and enter a recapture if you caught one.

→ Select the species : if species is not in list please choose ABALONE & write in comments the species or if your not sure simply write not sure on speices.

→ If you have caught your fish on a GOBBLERS lure please choose this option and show the lure in the brag mat photo or if not choose CAUGHT ON OTHER.

→ Enter length in mm

→ Once all the photos and data are loaded, press SUBMIT button


LOG | In the catch screen click LOG – if all green received then the raw data has been sent to the scorecheckers to verify. If NOT SENT – make sure you are online & also have strong mobile reception and press submit all.


To double check your catches have been submitted, choose EVENT INFO from the app home screen, then choose SCORECARD. From the SCORECARD screen you can view all the catches you have reported, and their status. (see more info below)

NOTE | catches only transfer to other FISHERS once they are accepted by the score checkers.


Ladies it’s time to get familiar with your scorecard!!

There is a section in the app where you submit your catches called LOG, this is the basic submission to see if it’s gone through.

Your favourite and should be checked is your scorecard : This is found in the information screen of the app and it shows you the status of your fish.

If you see ACCEPTED IMAGE RECEIVED, it is the confirmation that the scores in the background have been accepted by the score checker, if it shows this and you think something isn’t correct please email tracy at with a screenshot and the time, date, fish species, size and the information you need to give her

If you see SUBMITTED IMAGE RECEIVED, it means the data & image have been received but the score checker is yet to verify and accept your entry. This simply means the data is to be checked.  So if you have submitted a fish for someone else and it shows here or your own fish it’s still pending in the cue.

If you see SUBMITTED IMAGE NOT RECEIVED, it means the data has been received but your photo hasn’t, you will need to check your mobile reception and head back into the log screen or contact us to check for you if unsure.  

SIDE NOTE : the scorecard will only show the entries that’s currently under the app users name so if you are submitting for someone else once they are scorechecked they will drop out of your scorecard.

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