I was at home one day cleaning, doing washing & mopping the floor When I said to myself, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” I questioned my life and asked myself, “What do I like? Should I go for more walks or go ride a bike?” So I sat on my lounge and scrolled Facebook endlessly! I kept seeing these posts for the ‘Womens Fishing Classic 2023’ My head was flooded with ‘Happy Memories’ of fishing, when I was younger. I was tempted to enter but my self doubt quashed my ‘happiness hunger’. So days went by and I kept seeing WFC 2023. And every time I got the courage to enter, my self doubt said “Na it’s not for me.” The entry deadline grew closer & my head kept saying ((( NO ))) Till I finally said, “WTF I’m going to ‘GIVE IT A GO!” I had no fishing gear, not knowing a soul, To Step out of my comfort zone and be Brave, was my main goal. I rocked up opening night, ‘Like a Fish out of Water’ Then got chatting to a nice lady and her daughter. Then I stood alone for a while, nervous, not knowing what to think, When the YAMAHA team, ladies yelled, “Come over and join us for a drink.” They looked all professional in their Yamaha team gear. OH NO, here came back all that, self doubt and that fear. 😱😱😱 But they were all new to fishing, just like me 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🎣🤣 And we cracked a few jokes about who’d catch the biggest fish and I laughed, and exploded, “PROBABLY ME!” 🎣🐟😂🤣 The ice was now broken, I’d taken the first step, now for step number 2 ….. I booked on a half day charter, so I’d learn what to do. I learnt how to bait up, cast and reel the TINIEST, fish in (lol)😂🤣🎣 But best of all, I met a bunch of great ladies, that’s where our friendships begin! ❤️ Some ladies caught big fish and some were small like mine. 🎣 But that didn’t matter, as we laughed and joked and had the best time. A lady invited me to come fish with her the next day. 😱🎣🐟 That meant the absolute, World To Me, in every possible way! ❤️ My confidence grew, I came out of my shell, I got covered in fish guts, and my clothes began to smell! I saw dolphins and whales, AMAZING Sunsets & Sunrises, The WFC 2023 opened my eyes and was full of surprises. The WFC taught me how to fish, be brave but also, in life that it’s IMPORTANT to make CONNECTIONS! As life pulls us all, in different directions. WFC ‘United Women’, no matter age or experience & brought us ALL together, with FISHING & LAUGHTER and through all sorts of weather! 🌊💨🌧 So I say to YOU, YES YOU reading this, Be BRAVE,Take a CHANCE, COME have FUN and come FISH! 🎣🐟❤️🤣🥰🙋‍♀️


“I’ve been fishing a lot more lately, for myself and not for 2 Bent Rods. I entered the Women’s Fishing Classic run by fellow WIRFN Women in Recreational Fishing Network Qld leader Nicole Robinson.

Although I didn’t come close to winning, I was able to get out on the water a bit more than usual. I fished in between classes, not always the best times or tide but rather the time I had available.

I was predominately land based and found every fish nursery possible and caught plenty of small bream, whiting and tarwhine. Getting out in the boat a couple of times was great. I caught tailor, snapper and a small shark – all PB’s (personal best sizes) 

The comp reinvigorated my passion for fishing. I even took my dad fishing and he reckons he’s coming to grab his old fishing gear that he gave to us. He’s going to go to a couple of local spots. I have met some lovely people throughout the comp and even caught up with one that I hadn’t seen in over 30 years.

Nicole has built a great community and she should be proud of what she has achieved.

Congratulations to all the winners and to the winner of the boat – Andrea – it was great to see the major prize go to someone so deserving.

Massive thank you to all the companies that came on board to sponsor the event.

Through this comp I have met some wonderful people. It gave me back my mojo and an excuse to actually go fishing for myself. I hadn’t been fishing in a long while (even though I own a fishing business) I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the comradery and friendly atmosphere. Looking forward to the next one!”



“To say I had an amazing time at the Women’s Fishing Classic would be an understatement. After not fishing for many years and my bass boat becoming the dive boat around the country it was time to jump back in a put a rod and reel back in my hands again, which come with some conflicting feelings after spending so much time in the water with these amazing animals I asked the universe and a special someone upstairs to let me know if I was doing the right things and man did they deliver !! Not only did I bag my bucket list fish thanks to BK Charters but also caught the biggest fish of the tournament measuring 133cm with 5626 fish caught over the comp in total!!! Nicole Robinson has created a safe place for all angler’s an amazing event that we all absolutely enjoyed.

I have definitely come away with some truly amazing friends that I’m extremely thankful for!! Looking forward to see what next year’s event brings.”


“In May 2022, I entered in my first ever fishing competition – for women. Amongst my family and friends I am the only one who likes fishing so I was very unsure about what to expect and couldn’t imagine what to expect from an all women competition.

From the very start, the information available, the registration process and the support from Nicole Robinson,  was brilliant. The competion Facebook page was regularly updated with information by Nicole. The Facebook page allowed me to discover lots and lots of women who loved fishing just like me! Through Nicole’s  leadership and modelling of support and inclusion for fellow fisherwomen, I was instantly connected with so many women who were welcoming, helpful and passionate about fishing! It was a fishing community. The enthusiasm and energy was amazing. Women sharing tips, inviting other women on charters – women arranging to meet other women for a fish, at locations from Inskip Point to The Tweed. I thought I might feel out of my depth as I never catch very much but I met women of all fishing abilities who created a wonderful atmosphere and camaraderie.

The organisation of the event was exceptional. Nicole amassed the most amazing number of sponsors with so many incredible prizes – large cash prizes and fishing equipment. The competition attracted women and girls from primary school to retirement, from far and wide. Friends and contacts were made and I have personally met other competitors to fish and talk fishing with since the competition concluded. 

The event was an incredible success. Some women caught lots of fish, some like me not so many. But through our communications on the competition Facebook page, charters and the Welcome and Awards events, I think the greatest success was women supporting women – teaching, sharing, laughing and just loving fishing! This was all made possible by the amazing leadership and organisation of a brilliant event by Nicole. I already can’t wait till next year’s Women’s Fishing Classic!.”


“2022 was our first time attending the women’s fishing classic and my little girls usually lack patience so I really didn’t know what to expect. After some advice from a regular fisherman we persisted through terrible weather and the girls pulled first and second places in the juniors division.

The women’s classic community is unreal, everybody’s quick to help each other and the passion for fishing was very clear. This event has created many lifetime memories and a new love for fishing that me and my girls will cherish forever. Thank you Nicole for all that you do behind the scenes to make these memories possible.”


“It was great to be able to spend the month taking her to new locations and making sure she was getting onto the fish. My wife normally would fish probably 20 times in a year. But during this comp she fished 16 out of 27 days. Nicole runs a great event that focuses on females not just fishing but also building friendships. This then allows the women to hopefully find other women to go and spend time with in a social environment. 

We will be telling all our female friends and people that have daughters, to get involved next year.”



“From a sponsor’s point of view this year….. Yes, we were happy with the exposure from the ladies and the competition.

As discussed, providing 150 bag and having less than 10% of entrants logging entries into the Gobblers category it’s not a good use of the product. To get better use we propose to supply large kits and a voucher next year. This way to be in the running entrants will have already bought products or will buy extras to be in the running. It also means the people wining the prizes already use soft plastics and will put them to good use rather than give them away or letting them sit in a tackle box for years.

We hope we have added more value than most other sponsors and continue to provide help long after the competition has finished. However, the facts are the more soft plastic lures sponsors involved the less chance there is of us recouping the cost of the competition donation. 

Looking forward to next year and possibly being involved in a few of the categories, largest flathead caught on Gobblers Lures and the most creative photo with Gobblers Lures, best fish taken from a kayak with a Gobblers Lure.”


“Joining the 2022 Women’s Fishing Classic as a sponsor was an amazing experience for our businesses.

We loved how the event has been run the last 2 years and couldn’t wait to jump onboard and be a part of it.

Nicole spoke about her vision for the event and she did deliver in every aspect. Yes yes she did~~

If you’re a female angler wanting to join in on a fresh fishing adventure, this is the event to join, it didn’t matter your skill set just that you are ready to give it go.

Well done to Nicole for a epic event in 2022!!”


“The Harbour wine Bar has had the pleasure of hosting both the registration function as well as the awards for the Womans Fishing Classic for the past two years. 

These events have been well organised and have attracted a large number of competitors, family and friends.  We always make sure that we chat with the people attached to these functions and they are full of praise about the competition, and have great enthusiasm for the event as it progresses and then start looking forward to the year ahead. 

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Womans Fishing classic and seeing all the past and new competitors in the years to come”

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